Conducting online surveys is something almost every researcher has to do at one point. Numerous projects like Limesurvey or Google Forms can be used to create, distribute and analyse surveys. They are feature rich and they are easy to use. At the end of the day, you want to focus on your research, right? Online survey services enable us to do that. They are great because they remove a lot of complexity from the whole process of creating an online survey.
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In this post I explain my motivation to start this blog and I also discuss two papers I have read in the past weeks and the insights I yielded by studying them. Motivation and Disclaimer I just started a PhD program with the testShift project at TU-Delft. During the next four years I will try to uncover the hows and whys of software testing. I want to find the reasons why software engineers are (not) testing their software in the development process.
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